Roslyn, Ronald and Lake Cle Elum


The Roslyn, Ronald, and Lake Cle Elum communities are located in Upper Kittitas County in central Washington. These neighboring communities are also neighbors to Cle Elum, which make these three communities well known for recreation areas. Roslyn is also know for the TV series Northern Exposure that was filmed in this beautiful town. Roslyn was founded in 1886 as a coal mining town. The oldest continuously operating tavern in the state of Washington is located in Roslyn.  It opened in 1889, but was then rebuilt out of 45,000 bricks in 1898 and took the name "The Brick". Inland Networks offers Telephone, DSL, and Dial-up Internet, Cable TV, Security, and Long Distance to these three surrounding communities. Roslyn is a very rural town that has an estimated population of 1017 residents. Ronald was originally a mining community that is now a recreational community. Ronald is an unincorporated community with an estimated population of 265 residents. The overall service area for Roslyn, Ronald, and Lake Cle Elum consists of approximately 45 square miles, with 147 route miles of plant service 1,250 access lines.

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Roslyn, Ronald and Lake Cle Elum Services



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Basic Cable

$28.00/ per mo.


Expanded Basic

$56.00/ per mo.


Expanded Plus

$71.00/ per mo.



$99.95/ per mo.


Digital Converter Box (DCT)

$3.00/ per mo.


High Definition DCT

$5.00/ per mo.



$12.00/ per mo.




Premium Channels: View Premium Channel List



Encore & Starz

$12.00/ per mo.



$9.00/ per mo.



$17.00/ per mo.


Showtime/The Movie Channel

$15.00/ per mo.


NFL Red Zone *starting season 2012



INTERNET  DSL Silver Internet*
Up to 4 Mbps, 1 email address
$49.95/ per mo.
  DSL Gold Internet Service*
Up to 6Mbps, 4 email addresses
$59.95/ per mo.
  Modem Rental
Modem/wireless router Rental
$4.00/ per mo.
$8.00/ per mo.
   *Requires Telephone Service  
TELEPHONE Residential City Service $16.00/ per mo.
  Residential Rural Service $16.00/ per mo.
  Residential City Message Service
First 12 local calls free, additional calls $0.25 per call
$16.00/ per mo.
  Residential Rural Message Service
First 12 local calls free, additional calls $0.25 per call
$16.00/ per mo.
  Business Rural Service $24.00/ per mo.
  Business Rural Service $24.00/ per mo.
  Non published number $1.00/ per mo.
  Non listed number $1.00/ per mo.
  Caller ID Number only $3.95/ per mo.
  Caller ID Name and Number $4.95/ per mo.
  Last Call Return (Caller ID required) $3.00/ per mo.
  Voicemail Basic $3.95/ per mo.
  Additional Voicemail Boxes $1.00/ per mo.
  Teen Line Service $7.00/ per mo.
  Additional calling features offered:  
  Call Waiting $1.00*/ per mo.
  Three Way Call $1.00*/ per mo.
  Call Forwarding $1.00*/ per mo.
  Toll Denial $1.00*/ per mo.
  Speed Calling: Choice of 8 or 30 $1.00*/ per mo.
  Account Code Verified $1.00*/ per mo.
  *$0.75 each for multiple features  
  Anonymous Call Rejection
(Caller ID Required)
$1.00*/ per mo.
  Caller ID Call Waiting
(Caller ID Required)
$1.00*/ per mo.
  Distinctive Ringing $1.00*/ per mo.
  Selective Call Acceptance
(Caller ID Required)
$1.00*/ per mo.
  Selective Call Rejection
(Caller ID Required)
$1.00*/ per mo.
  *$0.75 each for multiple features  
SECURITY Residential Home Monitoring
(Call for installation quote)
$25.00/ per mo.
  Emergency Medical Alert Monitoring $25.00/ per mo.
  Optional Voice Communication $5.00/ per mo.
  Pendant Rental $5.00/ per mo.

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Taxes, fees, and other charges are not included in the above pricing. Installation fees may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Service may not be available in all areas. Activation of service may be subject to credit approval, deposit, or prepayment. All pricing, packages, and programming are subject to change without notice.